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Volkswagen Beetle says g(o\!/o)dbye

I have to say, as a lover and past owner of three Beetles (and quite a few Golfs after that) I was looking forward to watching this ad. After all…


Nothing new under the sun (or the moon?)

Promoting the new BBC bloodfest three part series Dracula, this billboard has been attracting a fair bit of media coverage of its own. Strategically placed bloody stakes are plunged into…


Are serifs dead for logos? Tech companies would seem to think so.

One of my clients is at the Gartner Expo in Barcelona and I was interested to see who else was exhibiting there. As I scanned through the logos I was…


Is UX making everything look the same?

Do you often find so many websites hard to tell one from the other? Of course, you are constrained by the format of a smart phone, tablet or desktop. You…